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Environmental concerns of The Altamont Pass, Alameda County, Livermore, California

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Re-Power 100 ft. Windmills = 454 ft. Industrial Wind Turbines

580 N Golden Hills North 324 windmills      Dyer Rd.Summit 569 windmills     Mt House Sand Hills Aproved
November 14, 2015                       July 19, 2016                    May 10, 2016

How you create bird friendly turbine lie. You search less than of 50% kill area, then since 80% carcass are removed by scavengers in 5 days search 30 &45 days. 48 hr. study PDF
The search ruse has been successful for windmill promoters. A huge loss for Eagles and other Avian. Jim Wiegand's drawing explains how search ruse works.

Broken Wing by John Graves

Spinning A Green Yarn by Dan Cecchini

Wind Turbine Syndrone by Nina Pierpony,
                          M.D. Ph.D.


CO2 Green House Gas and more of it with windmills! And Jerry Brown wants 33% renewables? Guess who pays & avian dies?
New Data is Ignored, and Stolinist Tactic's to Silence Opposition by Calling Them Deniers!

AB-32 is "Killing California Economy." It has wrecked Spain! It has made a wreck of all California business including the construction, farm and trucking. We must elect new respresentation in our State & Federal governments that understand the lies and fraud of global warming-climate change & C02 taxes and fees!
Suspend 32   kill carb   unplug the machine    Science & Public Policy Institute

 "Raptor & Bird Kills Comment" before October 8, 2010  Windmills in the Altamont Pass. Click and read the notice! Request no off site mitigation,
and a shut down until a proven method to prevent raptor & bird kills is found. Enough with studies and have been going on for over 25 years with
little results!
Shut the killers down now proposed 397 ft. hight with lighting, NO!

THE "WALL STREET JOURNAL" November 20, 2000 PAGE #1 story about DARRYL

San Francisco Chronicle Page #1 Story August 20, 1999 "Winds of Change "

Call Google and say, "Please use Windmill Free Power!" 2/11/15 PDF

Giant Golden Eagle wrecks windmill and carries it to the enviromental scrap yard!
Please feel free to down load Eaglezilla giong to the junk yard and use it on envelopes or anything that is passed around.


USFWS Do Your Job, Shut Em Down! Windmill Free Electric!

Please ask the USFWS to do there Job! Stop Subsides Stops Killing! Windmill Free Electric!

The Game is Hide The Bird From The Count! Hurry someone might see it! Windmill Free Electric!


Below is another failed attempt of off site mittigation!


A beautiful short toed eagle Tarifa, Allen Gilbertson's in harms way!

A beautiful contast of the shot toed eagle Tarifa, Allen Gilbertson by Donna Tracy

Why does Sacramento do, windmill stupid?

These articles were written out of frustration with wind generated energy. People see windmills and "say look at this it's renewableenergy now that's good!" The fact is it looks good on the outside but is rotten to the core on the inside.This industry cannot operate with out lots of support in the form of production tax credits, and other rip off's cheep production of power is not their goal.

California Energy Plan 2/15/2002 10,000 windmills produced an insignificant amount of energy. The installed 1,000 MW can only be counted as 200 MW of dependable capacity. This lead to blackouts and business flight out of the state. The Recall Governor Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger could have helped the junk bond rating of Calif. and the deficit spending on by backing down from renewable energy plans of EX Governor Gray Davis. Millions of wasteful spending to renew the broken down windmills and add massive new huge monsters to suck revenue out of the state. Florida light and Power has been a real big player buying up defunk windmill companies, and cashing in on the wright off's and production tax credits, which the Bush Administration continues to fund for renewable energy.

Drop the Gov. Arnold a email a tell him  what is going on with his renewable energy program. Having rate payers put in solar panels
the most expensive type of power out their to install, so they can sell it back to the utility, only though subsidies can this happen.

Altamont_Pass, Ca.

A brief summery of Altamont Pass largest Golden Eagle breeding area in the world.

The fact is Altamont got the Windmills and Alameda County Supervisors refused to listen to the facts. A situation of killing of raptors and avian exist at Altamont at this time.
This statement; California Energy Comission Testimony, February 20, 1986, Potrero Hills. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. This testimony should have stopped any large scale wind turbine development with this statement on page 3. "IT HAS ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED THAT WIND TURBINE STRUCTURES RESULT IN COLLISION DEATH TO BIRDS." California Energy Commision Wind Energy Web Site
At that piont February 20, 1986 a line is drawn. Don't build windmills were raptors and birds areare.
I wrote many letters to Alameda County and Contra Costa County and other counties to make them aware of the statement, and they ignored this statement. Does this mean that Alameda County ignored killing of Golden Eagles and other raptors?
There response along with Contra Costa County has been to stall with studies. And when the studies came back then more studies. All along the killing continues.
The Counties position now is away from 2 year conditional use permits and to issue long term permits and the killing still goes on.

Altamont Pass story with letters and supporting facts.

 The Lie that got  Altamont "Wind Farm" started 1981.

The reason used for the need of Wind Energy was to reduce our dependence on foreign oil! That the first lie in a long list of lies. The fact is then 1980 wholesale electric was bought for $0.1/2 cents a kw. Windmill generated electric in Altamont got in some cases $0.10 (subsides). I am bring this up because of an article in September 2015 Oil World its about the 37.7 billion barrel oil reserves inside the USA. In fact not just in USA but around the world more oil is found. They had to create a problem with carbon, (carbon foot print to get rid of it, that why energy had nothing to do with oil). Getting rid cheep energy means coal & The Industrial Revolution must go, and that another tail. Read the article from OIL WORLD.

The facts are not new they have just been ignored. Massive killing in rural areas of thousands of raptors and birds. Some federaly protected, some endangered. Study the problem with out solving the problem. Time 1981 issue permits. And windmills are built in at Altamont Pass.

Time 1980 "That wind turbine projects had the potential to result in bird collision problems if they were built close to areas where birds concentrate." (Haussler, 1980. Cal.Energy Commission)

Time 1986 California Energy Comission Testimony, February 20, 1986, Potrero Hills. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. This testimony should have stopped any large scale wind turbine development with this statement on page 3. "IT HAS ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED THAT WIND TURBINE STRUCTURES RESULT IN COLLISION DEATH TO BIRDS." California Energy Commision Wind Energy Web Site

(Scroll down to Bio Systems Report 1989-90 1. 2. at ALARM Web Site)  This is only 13 years after the fact. Want to get mad read the draft. and the final.

PDF file on appeal of 1500 windmill permits to Alameda County Board of Supervisors 11/20/03

I have been saying for over a decade that windmills that generate electricity were junk!

Now the media has put it in print. In fact it cost more to remove a windmill that was escorted. Junk Windmills
In 1985 a fee of $20.00 per machine removal.  Remember they are leaving the foundation for someone else to deal with.
Editorial Junk Windmills
More about the Junk. Windmills. Pictures of windmills in Lichtenau Germany after the wind.   1., 2., 3., 4., 5.
                                                     Pictures from Kerby Moore Wind Power Station U.K. after a  storm. 1., 2.

Page 1, page 2. page 3.    Reduce size to print by 60% in print setup.

New Alert! New Alert!
Don't Let this happen in your area!!

"THE WALL STREET JOURNAL" November 20, 2000 PAGE #1 story about DARRYL

San Francisco Cronicle Page #1 Story August 20, 1999 "Winds of Change "

Darryl Mueller holding a you femail Golden Eagle with head and one wing cut off by windmill 1993.


There are two laws that are not being enforced on the wind energy at the present time. The Bald Eagle Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The laws are not being enforced.

California Energy Comission Testimony, February 20, 1986, Potrero Hills. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. This testimony should have stopped any large scale wind turbine development with this statement on page 3. "IT HAS ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED THAT WIND TURBINE STRUCTURES RESULT IN COLLISION DEATH TO BIRDS." California Energy Commision Wind Energy Web Site

The Altamont "farm" started 15-20 years ago.

(Scroll down to Bio Systems Report 1989-90 1. 2. at ALARM Web Site)  This is only 13 years after the fact. Want to get mad read the draft. and the final.

PDF file on appeal of 1500 windmill permits to Alameda County Board of Supervisors 11/20/03

Lets throw money at the problem, $135,000 into a study to solve the problem of killing protected species. (WINDMILLS KILLING GOLDEN EAGLES) Independent July 5, 1989 . Part 1, Part 2,

AVAIN MORTALITY AT WIND TURBINE FACILITES IN CALIFORNIA (Calif. Energy Commission 1988) Through logical deduction , however, biologists considering the problem in the past did conclude, "That wind turbine projects had the potential to result in bird collision problems if they were built close to areas where birds concentrate." (Haussler, 1980. Cal.Energy Commission) Page 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

Altamont Landowners fight U.S.Windpower expansion into the buffer zone at Dyer Rd. of The Waste Management Landfill at Altamont Pass. Tribune July 30, 1989.

"THE PROBLEM" Given at Ahlone Audubon on May 12, 1993 this over view of Eagles and other protected species being killed with out fines!

Letter to Alameda Co. Planning about 29 Eagles kiled 8/89

Letter from Chabot Collage about Eagles Killed 9/89

ALARM response to Why Study of The Problem? Windmills do Kill Eagles December 1989, Page 1., 2., 3., 4.

Delta Airlines magazine Sky June 1990, this is the usual story that makes people feel so good about windmills. There is little said about the environmental damage, visual and noise impacts local people have to deal with. Page 4

People that write pro windmill articles should include information about the damage to the environment. The Golden Eagle below had her wing and head cut off by the windmills in the background.It is impossible to tell how many hundreds of birds and protected species have been killed at the windmill sights.


P.G.&E. WINDMILL DEMOLISHED 1989 P.G.&E. proved that large wimdmills had big problems. The bearings that supported the blades would not hold up. There was two of these giant windmills built and were taken down with explosives and scraped. California utility customers paid for this folly. I wrote to United States Dept of The Interior Fish and Wild Service about the problem, raptors and protected species getting killed by windmills. Please look at the dates and remember that there is newpaper articles like the Independent front page of July 5, 1989 that says eagles are getting killed by windmills at Altamont. Residents object to more windmills Tribune July 30, 1989. The Letter from USFWS 4/90 is their reply to the problem. Notice the date of the reply. I wrote to Senator Pete Wilson. The Senator wrote the service. The Letter to Senator Pet Wilson from USFWS 6/90 their reply to the problem. USFWS knew all the information contained in the Biosystems reports. Biosystems report 89-90 front,Biosystems report 89-90 back Herald story 7/4/90 Wind Farm Bird Deaths, Ban on New Sites Feared. Please notice the date and what they say of the problem. Letter from Senator Pete Wilson 7/90 to Darryl Mueller about the problem. One of other ignored problem that flies in the face of the environment is the gear oil leakage from the windmills. Windmills like these show signs of oil leakage, notice how the back side of the blade is brown and the dark line on the back edge where oil runs down the blade and goes into the environment.This oil is toxic to the cattle that are grazing on the grass below.

Biosystems report 89-90 front * This information was available and the problem was ignored.

Biosystems report 89-90 back * This information was available and the problem was ignored.

The Draft Biosystems report 60 Eagles kill 3/92 * This information is being ignored.

Final Biosystems report 39 eagles 3/92 * Notice how the final report changes the number of eagles killed*

U.S. Windpower presents $100,000.00 to Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service, John Turner, who gives the check to The Peregrine Fund. The Founding Chairman and Director Tom J. Cade has worked on several studies to resolve the Raptor Problem.

Wind turbines generate power at high cost to electric consumers. Customers to P.G.&E. pay higher utilility bills to off set the cost of wind generated elictricty. Read the newspaper article from the Times, Cogen Energy Burns Consumers 2/93. 4% Alternative energy cost two times more than 75% of the power generated. Why should this be allowed to continue, with high cost to consumers and the killing of Golden Eagles and other raptors? Does anybody see a problem ?

Herald Letter to Editor 3/93

It's not enough to cause environmental damage to the Altamont Pass and other wind resource areas in the DOE wants to go national with the problem, read the story, 40 Million DOE Grant 8/93


Letter from DOE 8/93

Herald Eagle Kills 9/93

Letter to Alameda County Planning Commision 9/93

Letter of SMUD 11/93

Picture of Eagle Killed by Windmills 93

Herald Windmill Fires

US Windpower Kenetech moving oversize crane without permit

In September 9, 1995 Kenetech U.S. Windpower proposed to replace USW 56-100 with the large 33m at a ratio of 2 to 1. To keep an equal blade area 3.7 would be the correct ratio. These giants have a 108 ft. 4 in. blade diamater and are 177 ft. high. We said no in The Response to EIR Notice Of Preparation. Page 1.,2., 3., No other hearings because of bankruptcy.

Kenetech (U.S. Windpower) largest operator at Altamont filed chaper 11 federal bankruptcy in May 1996 after it defaulted on a $100 million note.Herald August 18, 1996

Environmental Groups Bought For a Few Megawatts of renewable energy, 1/97 Columbia Gorge Audubon Society.

First Kenetech Auction hopes for 1 million in sales Herald April 10, 1997

Fighting Windmills, Coal Age April 1997

ALARM response to Fighting Windmills in Coal Age June 1997

The new law suit. Center for Biological Diversity, Jeff Miller,  File Lawsuit For Massive Illegal Bird Kills At Altamont Pass, CA, Wind Farms.

JANUARY 12, 2004, LAWSUIT                  This could includes verbage for off site mitigation.


California Energy Plan  2/12/02 This is important because it admits how unreliable windenergy is and lead to blackouts. 1000 megawats is only worth is counted as 250 megawats. California could produce real cheep power. California's continues to spend millions of California's utility users money on this non reliable form of power. With the heavy spending that Gray Davis did and no concern for cheep and reliable  energy California had power blackouts. We were hoping that this wreckless give away of money would stop.

With the 2003 Special Recall Election Gray Davis, supported and backed by California Unions was thrown out of office. 

Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger could make a difference, and spend money into affordable reliable generation of power. Instead programs to renew windmills, and put solor pannels systems on houses continues.  The cost of this to produce power is off the charts and is funded by Public Utility Programs it can't support it's self. Only with Production Tax Credits and other Subsidies can it operate. The end result higher taxes to pay for the programs. 1.5 cents per kw. conventional power, aulternive's power can range 6 or more times.

The Montana Battle Against U.S. Windpower A phone call one night from Ron Wiggins a Rancher in Big Timber, Montana saying, "US Windpower wants to put windmills here in Montana, at Browning, Livingston, Glacier and Yellowstone, can you help us?" YES,we will help! Over the months that followed many phone calls and faxes were sent from The Altamont Pass to Big Timber Montana. The people won the battle in Montana, and we have some of the newspaper headlines and letters. When the truth is told wind energy can not stand on its own.

Letter from Ray Suiter to N.W.P.P.C. April 20, 1992 page 1., 2.

Letter from Ron Wiggins to Montana Power March 29, 1993.

Power Projects Rejected Bozeman Daily Chronicle May 22, 1992

Windmill Project Rejected Billings Gazette May 22, 1992

Montana Power Rejects Wind Proposal Enterprise Livingston May 21, 1992

WINDPOWER IS NOT GREEN from The Independent Record, Helena, Mt. April 9, 1995

The Groups! Here is just some please join and write & call ask WHY!
Anti Wind Farm Supporters on FaceBook
ALARM on Facebook
Ill Wind  were a lot of problems are listed!
National Wind Watch.
North America Platform Against Wind.  Many links to windmill groups.
Citizens' Task Force on Wind Power - Maine
Save The Eagle International
Mark Duchamp & Jim Wiegand
Wind Cows
Glen R.
Schleede, Reston
, Virginia.
MatSu Valley News

Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy   Human Health Hazard
Wind Concerns Ontario
Mothers Against Wind Turbines
KATO Institute What is wrong with renewable Energy.
Ontario Wind Resistance
Wind Concerns Ontario

      is the former Windfarms/Birds Research Manager of Proact
<>International, now fully independent and a prominent participantin
<>the hot, very hot windfarm debate currently going on worldwide.He
<>published in excess of 40 articles/papers on the subject.

He also compiled stunning pictures of birds split in half by the turbine blades,
of turbines on fire or collapsed, etc:
<> <>
and posted a number of rarely-shown documents on Global Warming and other topics:

Here are his most popular articles and papers by Mark Duchamp








Man Dies In Wind Tower Fire

Iberica 2000 Photos windmill fires, raptors kills , by Mark Duchamp

The negative effects of windfarms: links to papers published by Mark Duchamp

Birds and windfarms - Critical analysis of 4 reports on bird mortality at windfarm sites. by Mark Duchamp

Glen R. Schleede, Reston Virginia

1/29/06  Whole Foods "Wind Energy" Pseudo Environmentalism

<>1/16/06 Those of you who follow the insidious federal and state governments’ attempts to force “renewable” energy into the US energy supply mix -- and the glowing reports on the successes in doing so -- may want to look at a report recently released by the California Energy Commission (CEC) that can be found at:  Report from California Energy Commission,
In case it's not there try,
I have added the above link because the webmaster at cec delets or changes address.

<>The report was done by a CEC contractor and includes some interesting data on CA, NY, MA and PA.

Here are some excerpts from the introduction (Page 1):

“ The California Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), established…in 2002, calls for the state’s investor owned utilities (IOUs), energy service providers (ESPs), and community choice aggregators (CCAs) to meet 20 percent of their electricity load with eligible sources of renewable energy by 2017.”

“Much has already been accomplished…the state’s three major IOUs…have recently signed a large number of contracts for renewable energy capacity…if each of these new projects achieves commercial operations, total deliveries could equate to 3.1 to 5.4 percent of IOUs’ combined 2004 electricity load.”

“Nonetheless, the state as a whole has fallen behind schedule in meeting its aggressive renewable energy targets, and few new renewable energy projects have achieved commercial operation over the last several years.”

“Though a number of procurement strategies can be used to reduce the risk of contract failure, even these strategies cannot eliminate the possibility of unfulfilled contracts, and some of these strategies may have the unfortunate effect of reducing the number of renewable energy bids and raising bid prices.”

*         *         *         *


I always find it refreshing to see a few FACTS mixed in with the massive flow of information on “renewables” – which information is usually dominated by propaganda from the renewables industries, PUCs and other government agencies, national “laboratories” such as NREL, other "renewables" advocates and lobbyists (often funded by tax dollars flowing through DOE and EPA).

Glenn Schleede  

“Nonetheless, the state as a whole has fallen behind schedule in meeting its aggressive renewable energy targets, and few new renewable energy projects have achieved commercial operation over the last several years.”

12/12/05 China they shoot anti-wind protesters!

Recently Announced Texas "Wind Farm" Projects Demonstrate that the Potential Contribution of Wind Energy is Limited   September 13, 2000

This is a complete study by Glenn R. Schleede and has data on the Two Recently Announced Texas "Wind Farms"
I recomend that you read this.

Glen R. Schleede, Reston Virginia  12/19/02  from "Montana  Std. of Butte" Regulators did the right thing with wind generated electricity costs.  GREAT NEWS FOR CONSUMERS & ENVIRONMENT!   NO WINDMILLS.  It only took a little common sense., but if this could only go nation wide, what a breath of fresh air that would be!

Glen R. Schleede, Reston Virginia  12/20/02 "AP"Maryland Regulators want blades stoped at times.

Glen R. Schleede, Reston Virginia  "Economic Impacts of Wind Power in Kittitas County Washington" 9/23/02  ,   10/15/0212/12/02

Glen R. Schleede, Reston Virginia 11/1/02 New Mexico Wind Farm Follies

Glen R. Schleede, Reston, Virginia  8/24/02 North and South Dakota Wind Energy Economic

Catharine Lawton, Addison, Wisconsin 4/23/02 Windfarm Development at Addison, Wisconsin

Catharine Lawton, Addison, Wisconsin 9/17/01 Wind Energy Verses Coal

New articles:

Mat-Su Valley News tells it like it is!

1/28/06 UK Times
Wind Farms condemned as Eagles die off Norwegian coast

Petition For Isle of Lewis in Scottland Largest wind farm in the world,
Lewis Wind Power proposal are :- 6,131 objections received, of which 4,573 were from residents of Lewis, and 17 responses in support of the windfarm.

West Virginia, F.L.P. 44-turbine Mountaineer Wind Farm estimated that at least 1,364 bats were killed there during a six-week
period in 2004. U.S.F.W.S. plans to coroporate, and burn 4,000 acres. It would make to much sence to shut them down! This is also the first Batt Study and they were surprised. Perhaps they will study (STALL) the problem for 20 years as the MOON BEAMS in Calif. have done! F.L.P. has bought up the bankrup windmill Companies on a national basis. Just can't pass on those Production Tax Credits. Got to try and reach the DOE's renewable's goals, what ever the damage. Why not just stop and save wildlife and save dollars and build a reliable power plant.

6/1/05 Hartland Institute
World's Largest wind power producer denounces wind farms


Altamont Landowners Against Rural Mismanagement was originally formed because of Los Vaqueros project, Contra Costa Water Department wanted to relocate Vasco Rd. through Dyer Rd. Our effort helped to relocate Vasco Rd. to the more direct, County Line route saving the environmental damages to Brushy Creek , Dyer Rd., and Altamont Pass Rd.

Since the late 80's we have voiced concern's over, The large numbers of protected species that have been killed at the Altamont Pass. Raptor mortality by windmills, Windmills placed in raptor habitat, Waste Management and U.S. Windpower's erection of windmills on the buffer zone between the dump and Dyer Rd., Realignment of Altamont Pass Rd., at Carrol Rd. Expansions of Waste Management Altamont Hills, Contra Costa County imports, Water quality, health, property values and land fill traffic.

We are trying to perserve our way of life and environment, at The Altamont Pass. We are also very concerned and want to perserve property owners rights. Altamont Pass has a very small population due inpart to large parcel zoning of Alameda County. The Altamont Pass area of windmills is 80 sq. miles.

Altamont Landowners Against Rural Mismanagement is a Nevada Corporation. All information is belived to be accurate information . This information is a matter of public record, and we can only guarantee that. We want the public to become aware of what is going on today. This is a volunteer effort.

Address all letters to; A.L.A.R.M., 3290 Dyer Rd. Livermore, Ca. 94550. Fax 510-449-3860

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at dmc at
Email must be manual entered to block harvesters thanks

Thanks for stopping by,

Darryl Mueller, President

Last up dated 12/12/15

Other Information of interest

Altamont Landowners Against Rural Mismanagement battle with the Megadump


MTBE Senator Barbara Boxer wants the EPA to check it out after a year of letters

Facts Sheet do we need a bigger dump

Altamont Dump a Pit, "Herald" 1/97

Standards of waste are going to be relaxed, "AFTER the FACT " Herald 3/97

Waste Management Operates in Violation of their CPU with Mud on roads

Livermore will sue to stop Altamont Landfill expansion plans, Independent 6/97

After the "Great" Alameda County Board of Supervisors passed on the 80 million ton mega dump. Searra Club, NCRA, ALARM, Pleasanton and Livermore sued Waste Managenent to stop the expansion. ALARM found out about the settlement in the newspaper. This behind closed door settlement gives Livermore a 40 million ton mega dump, pays Livermore 50 million to dump on their over the hill Altamont neighbors. Dump September 28, 1999


ZONE 7 WATER BOARD PLANS INVASION OF DYER ROAD IS APPROVED JUNE 20, 2001 <>Dyer Road Families oppose Zone 7,  Altamont Water Treatment Plant that would supply water to Livermore, Dublin & Pleasanton. No water for Altamont families. This treatment plant and pipeline cost is paid for by the developers. No cost to Zone 7. Altamont families think it makes more sense to build smaller plants in the development areas, this does not need to be built on Dyer Rd. At the very least Dyer Road families should get water. No fire hydrants, Yes Zone 7 plans to dig up Dyer Rd. install a new water line 42 inch in diameter and will not give Dyer Rd. water or fire protection.
The EIR was certified 2/05 by Zone 7 water board.

Zone 7 Water Board wants to change the E.I.R. with addendum, for Altamont Pass Pipeline.

On 2/10/06 some Dyer Rd. residents get a notice of addendum to changes E.I.R. And that on 2/15/06, 5 days, changes to Zone 7 EIR would be presented to the board.  Zone 7 had email and phone numbers but chose regulat mail.
Changes include close of Altamont Pass Rd. for pipiline construction,  moving the pipeline into Dyer Rd. which is 20 ft. wide. With only 5 days to respond most Dyer Rd. residents went to the meeting. Zone 7 would not tell how residents could get in or out with our cars, trucks and equipment. Residents did tell Zone 7 that closing the road would cause unresolved problems that it was Zone 7 responsibility to resolve.
The problems are once the road is closed the county will allow more construction time than Zone 7 is saying could be 6 months or more, additional 2 hour commute time in traffic, long response time for emergency services including but not limited to vetenary needed for horses cattle and sheep. There is more than 36 residents, 70 horses, 800 cattle, 50 sheep.The ever present threat of windmill fires.  General emergency medical response for residents. <>G&C Stable has 40 horses with lessons daily and horses hauled in and out on a daily basis. No mail service. Long commutes to work and school.<>  Mr. Bailey makes 6 trips a day to Livermore his wife is in a nersing home this will be a hardship for him. Residents with a class 1 license will not be able to commute and get home within the 12 hour D.O.T. rule. We need access to the full road in order to get in and out of our drive ways with long horse and equipment trucks and trailors. The board ignored Dyer Rd. comments refused to extend comment time and passed the addendum to EIR.
Altamont Pass Road and Dyer Rd. could be up graded to accomidate construction of a pipeline without road clousure or continue with the old E.I.R. with out the addendum.
This total lack of concern for Dyer Rd. residents can not be tolerated. Dyer Rd. residents will now seek a remidy within the legal system.
<> Go for more Info to Dyer Rd.

A Lake for drinking water next next to garbage dump?

Now the California Department of Water Resources will take land between the Mega Dump and the few rural families to build a large lake. In the settlement agreement this land was to be a buffer zone between the rural families and the dump. DWR response was the first one their gets the land! In the mean time Zone  Water is gong to build a water treatment plant to service Dublin & Livermore but NO water or fire hydrants for Altamont. SO MUCH FOR AGREEMENTS!






KATO Institute What is wrong with renewalle Energy

Smog 2 and MTBE that is now found in Calif. drinking water.

Diesel Engines are drug into Proposition 65, some members are calling for the elimination of diesel engines within five years. Read the memo to members of the legislature from Calif. Truck Ass. July 8, 1997. A list companies recieving Prop 65 Notices. Diesel exhaust comes under Prop 65 Scrutiny by Calif. Grocer June July 97, page 1. , page 2

An Ill Wind - An Objection to Wind Farms in Irland

Nigal Barns has a very informative site.

MAIWAG - Marton, Askam & Ireleth Windfarm Action Group

Marton, Askam and Ireleth are neighbouring villages located in the south of Cumbria just outside the Lake District National Park.
We formed following the construction of PowerGen Renewables's windfarm which towers over our villages. We are ordinary people who have been kickstarted into action by the terrible noise, visual and environmental affect that the turbines have had on us and our once peaceful and beautiful countryside.

Addison Wisconsin is fighting the windmill battle !!! Misplaced Wind Power.

Specific and up-to-date information about the proposed wind-powered electricity generating project in the Town of Addison, Washington County, Wisconsin, USA. An incredible website detailing a year long struggle that local residents have been undertaking in northeastern Wisconsin, USA against a 33 turbine development close to 800 homes. This website pulls no punches and there is a mass of information on this site from Airplanes crashing into turbines to property devaluationinformation.

Why this site is special: Most information available on wind energy is put together by the wind industry or renewables lobbyists. We have carefully researched the topic to bring you
accurate information that the wind industry will not tell you. Our information sources are listed throughout the site so you can confirm the accuracy of the
information, or do more research yourself.

Elgea Stop! The mountaineers of the Basque region in Spain are pretty fed up with the invasion of their breathtaking mountain ranges by windfarms.

Mesa Eólica de Castilla y León. This Spanish group is setting up a national federation,  in Spanish.
ISVR Consultancy. Although we have no experience of this noise consultancy company, their web site gives a well balanced introduction into the problems associated with windfarms, with particular reference to the noise. Well worth a visit if you want a professional noise experts view.

Isle of Islay - Terrific scenery and a wealth of wildlife has been threatened by the plans for a windfarm on this unspoilt Scottish island. Luckily, so far, the developers have been kept at bay.

Bien Vivre en Pays de Caux Villagers in France, are under threat of a group of four separate windfarms in the Normandy countryside. This French website explains the problems the local residents are experiencing trying to prevent a collection of turbines from being erected as close as 250 metres from their houses. (In French)

Country Guardian are the authority on highlighting the problems associated with to construction of wind turbines in our countryside. For an honest answer to your query about the impact of wind farms on our countryside try here first! Unlike the others they have no commercial interest and their technical papers are amongst the best we've found on the net.

British Wind Energy Association: Fiercely defensive about their industry, in particular it would appear that Country Guardian are a real thorn in their side. The BWEA doesn't seem to have any control over its members but only seems to fulfill some kind of publicity agents role.

Group 25 are campaigning to prevent the development of the Wharrels Hill area near Bothel in West Cumbria. A new website that is being added to all the time.

European Wind Energy Association: Again very defensive but has some useful reference documents. Has a 'secret' area for members only!

Weardale Preservation. The beautiful countryside of Weardale is being devastated by the construction of wind turbines, for more details on the campaign in this area of the country visit this web site.

Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association: Obviously very hot on denying the noise problem but full of useful facts and figures. Try out their noise agree with what we have experienced!

Makara Guardians. The people of New Zealand also have a problem with the threat of wind turbines invading their country. Visit this site and sign on to their petition to help protect their beautiful land.

Views of Angus. "Renewable Energy Systems" are proposing to erect a wind power station on Ark Hill near Glamis, find out what the people of Angus think about this idea.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales. Sadly for them the good people of Wales have suffered from the blight of turbines more than most. The CPRW web site is a good source of information for data concerning power outputs of turbines based on actual values rather than the theoretical values touted by the wind industry. A really well informed site with lots of useful stuff -  and in Welsh too (if you want!).

The Cefn Croes Campaign. Another Welsh campaign, this time fighting a proposal for a huge 39 x 1.5MW station near Aberystwyth in Mid Wales.

Denbighshire Against Rural Turbines. (DART).  A fight to protect another area of rural Wales from the blight of turbines has been given a boost by this website. You can visit them and sign an on-line petition.

The German website (mostly in German too). Has some very technical articles on wind energy and global warming. Also has lots of photographs and loads of links to other sites. Another German site with lots of pages of technical information and a discussion forum. Has links to other sites around Europe.

The Damstadt Manifesto

The Battle at Barningham High Moor from being covered with wind turbines was  a lengthy and hard fought case, finally resulting in defeat for National Wind Power. Read the full story of the struggle at

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