Darryl Mueller Construction Pile Driving Service

Beams and sheets can be driven with the excavator mounted pile hammer. Beams are lifted, placed, and driven with our excavator equipment equipped with pile driving attachments. Additionally, our equipment can pre-drill the pilings to save you time and money. Darryl Mueller Constructions has the experience needed to safely get the pilings installed in a timely manner.

Solar systems require accurate placement of beams for array support. We can get the support beams installed by driving, drilling or installing helical piers.

We have also worked extensively with the folks at Advance Support Technology, inc. who are creating innovative Helical Pier Products.

Here's the latest from Advance Support Technology, we're proud to offer this innovative and powerful solution alternative to our clients. 

Tight access is no longer a problem even when the project requires the use of a larger high capacity pile. The newest member of our Helical Pier Products Family, the CHPP—Composite “Helical” Pipe™ Pile System has combined the standard slender shaft helical anchor lead section provided by various manufacturers with a thin wall steel pipe casing in diameters ranging from 8”-10” with larger custom diameters available upon request. This composite displacement pile utilizes pipe tube sections in lengths from 2’ - 10’ which are connected in the field by bolting hydraulically swedged male and female pipe ends. The square end connections allow for extremely high torque to be applied in dense soil conditions. The engineer then has the option of filling the pipe with concrete or steel reinforcing for added strength. No noise, no vibration and no spoils makes this the perfect choice for underpinning larger structures in tight access situations as well as those directly adjacent to unreinforced masonry buildings. Installation costs for this high capacity concrete-filled pipe pile are comparable with any slender shaft grouted helical anchor on the market today.  

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