Darryl Mueller Construction Rental Rates

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You have come to the right place to rent professionally operated construction equipment.  Darryl Mueller construction is a prominent name in the Bay Area and Central California region.  With 25 years of experience operating our equipment in California, we have the experience and skill to ensure your next construction job requirements are exceeded.  

When you call us, you will get the right equipment to do you job. We supply operated equipment only. We do not supply hand labor or engineering, layout, or traffic control.  After you confirm you equipment need with us, please fax the site location address. 

Darryl Mueller Construction excavating equipment range includes industry renowned backhoes & excavators from leading manufacturers including Case, Komatsu, Cat and John Deer. Darryl Mueller Construction will supply a full range of heavy equipment to suit your project's budget. We will do the site leveling, compacting, excavating the foundation, drilling piers, installing shoring, breaking concrete, utility trenching & compacting we have what it takes to get the job on time and within costs.


01/2015 Normal operated equipment rates, but are subject to change, and over time.

There will be a processing fee for any certified payroll NOT using our CalTrans Owner Operator form.

Fuel surcharge will be added as prices change, No Fuel Surcharge at this time,

We have lasers for backhoe and excavator, call ahead and schedule!

Darryl Mueller Rental Equipment Rate
Backhoe CASE 580, Cat 416, DEER 310 $120.00 Per Hour
Backhoe CASE 680L, 780, JOHN DEER 710, CAT 446, 20,000 lbs. class machines by the day $140.00 Per Hour
Skip Loaders Case or Massey Ferguson $120.00 Per Hour
Compact Crawler Loader Cat 257B 66in. wide $120.00 Per Hour
Crawler Loader Cat 953   4/1 & Rippers, by the day Call for Rate
Compactor 815 12 ft. blade with sheep foot wheels, by the day Call for Rate
Dozer D6 with 10 foot blade Call for Rate
Mini Excavator PC 08UU 3,000 lbs. 39 1/2 inches wide $100.00 Per Hour by the day

Excavator Gehl / Neusin 603 12,500  lbs.12", 18", 24", 36" buckets.


Gehl / Neusin  603 is 6' 6" wide & can is a great drill for tight places.


$165.00 per hr. 8 hr min. + move

$175.00 per hr. 8 hr min + move


Excavator P.C.150 KOMATSU 35,000 lbs. 8'2" wide, 20' ft. dig depth, 29 ft. reach, quick coupler, 18 inch to 60 inch bucket, thumb option extra  $180.00 Per Hour by the day
Excavator P.C. 150 KOMATSU with stick extention will dig '25 depth, 34 FT. reach by the day $220.00 Per Hour by the day
Excavator P.C. 220 LLC with quick coupler 18" to 60" buckets. .$200.00 Per Hour by the day
Excavator P.C. 220 with Long Reach 51 ft. reach, 42 ft.deep  quick coupler 18" to 60" buckets, extention to 70 ft. Call for Rate
Compactor BOMAG 172, 66 inch Vibratory Padfoot Roller with Blade Call for Rate
We have a large stock of drills from 6 inch to 72 inch diamater holes. We have many 14 foot fully flighted drills for high production drilling. Drilling to over 45 feet. in depth  Rates are by the job, rates listed are the minimum charge

Core barrels and casing

Priced by the job
Drilling backhoe CASE 580 with 4500 LB. tork drilling power $145.00 Per Hour
Drilling backhoe CASE 680L , 4X4 WITH 15,000 Hy tork drilling power $175.00 Per Hour
Drilling excavator P.C. 150 Komatsu with 20,000 Hy tork drilling power. The excavator can cut access to the site, excavate, drill and load trucks. The excavator is perfict for those bad jobs

"When you need to reach up, down, under low head room, and drill the excavator is perfect!"

$220.00 Per Hour  by the day. rock is extra.
Drilling excavator P.C. 150 Komatsu with 3rd member 31 ft. reach, 33 ft. of stroke. Priced by the job
Drilling excavator P.C. 220LLC Komatsu with 3rd member 37 ft. reach, 37 ft. of stroke Priced by the job
HOEPAC, vibroplate compactor, driver, backhoe mounted 6,400 LBF 23"X 26" 850LB. on 580 size $140.00 Per Hour
HOEPAC, vibroplate compactor, backhoe mounted 6,400 LBF 23"X 26" 850LB ...on 680L size machine $150.00 Per Hour
HOEPAC, vibroplate compactor, backhoe mounted 11,350 LBF 27"X 30" 1500LB.on 680L.size machine $160.00 Per Hour
Compaction Wheel, backhoe mounted on CASE 580.size machine

$140.00 Per Hour
Compaction Wheel, backhoe mounted on CASE 680L size machine

$160.00 Per Hour
Compaction wheels, on excavators add per day $300.00 Per Day
HOERAM Backhoe mounted 750 LB BREAKER $160.00 Per Hour
HOERAM Backhoe mounted 1000 LB BREAKER $200.00 Per Hour
HOERAM Backhoe mounted 2000LB. BREAKER $220.00 Per Hour
O.S.H.A., C.E.R.C.L.A., R.C.R.A., 40 hour safety training certification call for add on price
PILE VIBRO DRIVER /  EXTRACTOR 45 TON FORCE $300,00 per hr by the day
Super 10 Dump trucks  $113.00 Per Hour
18 wheel end dumps $100.00 will be scheduled along with excavator, backhoe, or loader. $113.00 Per Hour

Call 925-449-3131 to speak with Darryl and learn how Darryl Mueller Construction can play a vital role in making your next construction project a success!

All Equipment is subject to a fuel sur-charge.

DARRYL MUELLER CONSTRUCTION INC. EXCAVATING, structure, foundations, underground utilities and grading. HY-RAM, rock and concrete breaking. DRILLING, 6" to 6 feet in diameter, pile, foundations and trees.

Rubber tire and crawler drill rigs with long reach capabilities. SOIL COMPACTING, structure, slope, trench and pads with plate, sheep's foot wheel and 66 inch Bomag.

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